SIX ADVISORS, Inc. Client Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is extremely important to SIX ADVISORS, Inc. It is our goal to keep your personal information confidential. We want to make you aware of the SIX ADVISORS, Inc. Client Privacy Policy so we can provide you with better service. Please take a few minutes and review the following policy to better understand how we handle your personal information.

Why do we need your personal information?

We collect personal information to provide you with products such as our SIX ADVISORS™ Assessment Reports, Personal Coaching, or Workshops. The information we require is the absolute minimum necessary. SIX ADVISORS, Inc. uses this personal information to provide you with quality customer service, to keep you informed regarding updates in our services, special offers, to communicate regarding services purchased by you, and other information we think might be helpful.

When do we collect your personal information?

We collect personal information about you at the time you purchase products or services or on a much more limited basis when you sign up for one of our newsletters or e-zines. All of this is stored in a secure database.

When do we disclose your personal information?

We need to be able to communicate with you during inter-office activities such scheduling Assessment reviews, coaching or workshops. Your contact information may be shared with other SIX ADVISORS, Inc. employees or certified facilitators and coaches to facilitate these activities. Your personal information also needs to be available when you order additional products or services in ensure expeditious processing and to provide superior customer service. We will also make your personal contact information available to third party entities that handle the shipping of products purchased by you to ensure proper delivery. SIX ADVISORS, Inc. will not share or make available your personal contact information to other companies that are not a part of the Og Group, Inc. family or that are not providing direct services as it relates to the products and services purchased by you.

What do we do to protect your personal information?

SIX ADVISORS, Inc. safeguards the security of your personal information with security monitoring both physical and electronic and has in place managerial policies and procedures. SIX ADVISOR, Inc. websites use industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on all web pages where personal information is required.

What information do we collect when you browse our web sites?

When you browse SIX ADVISORS, Inc. web sites, you are able to do so anonymously. Generally, we don’t collect personal information when you browse — not even your email address unless you choose to opt-in to our newsletters or e-zines. However, your browser does automatically tell us the type of computer and operating system you are using.

Like many web sites, SIX ADVISORS, Inc. web sites use “cookie” technology. A cookie identifies your browser with a unique, random number. The cookies we use do not reveal any personal information about you, except your first name so we can welcome you on future visits. Using this technology we can determine which parts of our web sites are the most popular, where our visitors are going, and how long they spend there. This allows us to keep the information on the site timely, interesting, and pertinent for our visitors.

In some of our emails to you, or advertisements in third-party e-zines, we use links or “click-through URLs.” When you click on one of these links, you pass through our web server before arriving at a given page or topic of interest on one of our web sites. This allows us to measure interest levels in specific topics and the success of given advertising campaigns.

From time to time we may have ads on third-party web sites. If you found us through one of these web sites, they may have employed cookies to track the effectiveness of the advertising. To the best of our knowledge any information that these third party web sites collect, using cookies or other mechanisms, is completely anonymous. We recommend that you review the Privacy Policies for these web sites.

In Summary…

If we are going to use your personal information differently from that stated at the time of collection, we will try to contact you via email using the most recent information we have. If you have not given us permission to communicate with you, you will not be contacted, nor will we use your personal information in a new manner.

The SIX ADVISORS, Inc. Customer Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice. Please review our policy regularly for any changes or amendments.